How to Get Bitcoin: 5 Tried and Tested Methods

You can buy the Bitcoin for a long term investment and if you feel that you cannot buy enough of it; you can always get Bitcoin by other means, like earning Bitcoins for free online. Whether you become an affiliate marketer or get paid for your services in Bitcoins, you can find different methods to get Bitcoins:

  1. Buy Bitcoins Online: Obviously the easiest method to get Bitcoins is to buy it online. For this, you must download a digital wallet to store the coins securely. You can choose from different types of wallets like desktop wallets, mobile wallets, online wallets, etc. Besides downloading a wallet you must create an account on any reputed cryptocurrency exchange that is approved by the wallet provider. These exchanges are marketplaces where buyers and sellers can trace their crypto coins. Majority of the exchanges accept credit cards and bank transfers; there will be transaction fees for every transaction.
  2. Buy Bitcoins Personally: When you wish to get your Bitcoins in person you can choose from multiple methods. For instance, you can consider getting Bitcoins through Bitcoin ATMs like CoinATMRadar that will help you locate Bitcoin ATMs in your area. You can also try trading through by setting up an account. Alternately, you can use websites like LibertyX for identifying stores that will pay you in Bitcoins against cash. Sites like Paxful can help you locate bank branches offering Bitcoins in exchange for traditional currency. Finally, sites like LocalBitcoins will help you find individuals willing to exchange cash for Bitcoins.
  3. Play Mobile Games: Another easy way to get Bitcoins online is to start playing mobile games on the Internet. You could do this on your computers or mobile phones and receive payments in Bitcoin. However, since the Bitcoin faucets need to generate revenues in order to compensate the players, they will have to make room for advertisements. In order to avoid getting distracted by such ads, you may sign up for a Bitcoin casino that will allow you to bet your own Bitcoins on sports matches, traditional casino games, and lotteries to enjoy huge payouts in Bitcoin. For quick trading options have a look at this bitcoin era erfahrungen which talks about automation.
  4. Bitcoin Faucets: You can become an affiliate marketer and display ads on your site or share links for customers to earn Bitcoins for free. When you have online following, you may make extra money by directing your followers to engage in businesses which will reward you for bringing customers to it. Your followers will only have t click on certain URLs that the merchant provides you with when you sign up to become an affiliate marketer. You may consider doing odd jobs for earning Bitcoins online. For instance, there are businesses that will pay you for testing their sites or taking surveys. You can even get rewards for reading books; Paid Books, for instance will pay people in Bitcoins when they read classics on their site.
  5. Lending Bitcoins: An interesting way to get more Bitcoins is to lend it to someone via a lending platform. For this, you need to create a crypto interest account. So, you can have a BlockFi interest account and earn interest for money that you lend. Your crypto interest account will be open to all interested crypto investors worldwide.